Art and design have always been my devotion. From crayons and paper to computers and photoshop, I have always sought an outlet for this passion. But I could never imagine or decide on what to do with it; how to make money from it. Having studied graphic design, and finding that – although I was good at it – being a graphic designer wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I set off to discover the world.


I waitressed in London, taught English in Spain, did commission paintings in Ireland and even had a door to door sales job. EEEEEEK! Having thought the travel itch was thoroughly scratched, I returned to South Africa and studied again. This time it was marketing management. The subject was fascinating and appealed to my analytical and practical brain but failed to pull me all the way in. I didn’t know it then, but marketing management lacked the design element I so craved and needed to make it mine.

I was soon off again to The UAE to manage restaurants and then South America to teach English; having made a wide detour to Barcelona to pick up a CELTA teaching certificate.


I eventually returned to sunny South Africa – still not knowing what I wanted to do. I had had such adventures, learnt about different cultures and built a skill set that, in hindsight, was setting me up for what eventually would combine my creative spirit and my marketing and analytical side. I discovered social media management while running a retail outlet. I was given the task of looking after the Facebook page and that was it! I had found the balance I was craving.


A few years later Social Toni was born – bringing together both design and aesthetics as well as analytics and strategic
management. I’m desperately in love with social media. I eat, sleep, dream live it! I LOVE the difference it can make to a business, and the voice that it can give to my clients. I HATE how underutilised it is, and how most people don’t know how to get results from social media. It is my passion to deliver results to companies via these platforms and engage
with their clients. It’s incredible how the marketplace has become so accessible.

Come on…let’s talk to your clients…right where they are.

Work smart, not hard.
Let SOCIALTONI handle it!