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Instagram Organic Growth Checklist

Today, Instagram ranks one of the top three largest (and coolest ?) social media platforms and is only gaining popularity. And with who? Your emerging target audience. The age 30 and below population segment make up 75% of Instagram’s 1 billion plus users. The question isn’t ‘why should your brand be on this dynamite platform?’ […]

What’s the (Instagram) Story?

It is a fact that organic reach on any social media platform is becoming increasingly more challenging to achieve. This is not surprising when you consider the reams and reams of information being posted and the algorithms used to filter content in an effort to keep their platforms contemporary, socially engaging and fun. Sounds quite […]

Setting up your Facebook Business Manager page

Business Manager helps you integrate your Facebook marketing efforts across your business and with external partners like us. It is free and helps run and track your ads, and manage your assets.   SETTING UP YOUR FACEBOOK BUSINESS MANAGER: Make sure that you are logged into Facebook with your personal profile that you use to manage your business […]


DO YOU STAND OUT FROM YOUR COMPETITORS? There are many businesses which seem identical to yours. How do you differentiate yourself from your competitor? And how do you communicate that to your potential client? WHAT PROBLEMS DO YOU SOLVE FOR YOUR CLIENTS? ‘My business solves its client’s social media management problems’. ‘I solve the problem […]


Decipher who your target audience is. Once you know their dreams and challenges, you will be able to craft your message in a language they will understand and respond to. Here are a few guiding helpers to get the momentum going.  A) BRAINSTORM Who could benefit from your business, products or services? Think up as […]


SPEND IT WHERE IT COUNTS! Ads or Boosts? Both boosts and paid ads are excellent tools on Facebook, it just depends what your intentions and objectives are. Learn where and when to spend your Facebook advertising budget and watch the cost per conversion drop. It’s a very good question and one that confuses A LOT […]

ACCESS GRANTED – Advertising account and spend limit

To allow us access to set up your boosts and allocate funds to your ad campaigns, you need to create an advertising account and load the billing details and set a spend limit.  Facebook business manager allows us access to market on your behalf. We have no access to personal information or financial information! Click […]