Why not just buy followers?

I get asked this a lot. And understandably. It can be a frustrating process to build a decent following on social media. It requires a lot of consistent effort, time and know-how.


But if you are tempted to push your number of followers up by buying them, just ask yourself why is your business on social media? And if your answer ISN’T to build an online community of your target audience to market your business with the intent to create quality leads, then you should not be focusing your brand, time, effort and money on social media.


Buying your followers not only guarantees that you will pay for an audience that is disengaged and uninterested in your brand, it will throw off your insights and analytics, cause havoc to your algorithm status, you will be addressing the wrong audience and ultimately you won’t make any progress on social media resulting in no sales. Basically, you would have spent a bunch of time and perhaps a small fortune running up the wrong ladder.


Social media is now undeniably a crucial part of any marketing strategy and is a powerful business marketing tool, opening the door to meeting your audience where they are, establishing strong bonds of trust, which leads to loyalty and a solid reputation and ultimately quality leads. 


The quickest and most effective way to quality results on any marketing or social media platform is consistent, accurate, quality work. No spam, no fake followers, no bots. Just pure organic growth.


Or just get us to build your following for you. 

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