Ads or Boosts? Both boosts and paid ads are excellent tools on Facebook, it just depends what your intentions and objectives are. Learn where and when to spend your Facebook advertising budget and watch the cost per conversion drop.

I don’t know if this stands through but do boosted posts not perform as well as posts that have a target audience/daily budget? Just what I was told before!” – Rory, Ireland

It’s a very good question and one that confuses A LOT of people!

Both boosts and paid ads are excellent tools on Facebook, it just depends what your intentions and objectives are.


  • Gets attention to your page.
  • The objective is to generate likes and reactions called vanity metrics. These have a ripple effect. Someone likes your page or post, their friends see it on their feed, they like it as well, and so and so on.
  • Have a basic audience targeting tool feature.


You typically should use a boost if your page likes are low and need to generate more or if it’s a new business page and need to create some awareness.


  • Aren’t posted onto your page.
  • The primary objective is to generate conversions and leads.
  • Require accurate target marketing and careful planning.
  • Results can be accurately measured
  • Connects to your landing page for in-depth analytics using Facebook Pixel


Ads are used to generating leads aimed at your exact target market and directing them to your landing page and sales funnel. Usually, you’d be advertising something specific such as a special, a promo, a new product, etc.

Facebook ads are one of the best advertising options currently available for businesses. But only if you know how to use them. Facebook’s massive reach and in-depth custom target marketing tools allow you to reach your exact target market.

With so much information on Facebook, the question becomes how to stop them in their scrolling. You only have a fraction of a second to capture your audience’s attention. The best way is visually. Visuals get 95% more attention online than text.


  • Keep it minimalistic so that your audience is drawn to your calmness in the chaotic space of Facebook. 
  • Use images with people making eye-contact so the viewer cannot help but look them in the eyes.
  • Use as little text as possible in your images as they yield low engagement.
  • Movement always grabs attention so try your hand at 30-second videos, GIFs and 3D photos.  

Have your target audience in mind when you are designing so your image will resonate with them. Vary your ad designs and keep mixing it up. Trends fade and what worked yesterday may not work today.

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